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Long Neck Organizes Punx Do Good! A Benefit For The Yellowhammer Fund Compilation


"Long Neck’s Lily Mastrodimos has organized a new compilation called Punx Do Good! It’s a benefit for the Yellowhammer Fund, which provides funding for anyone seeking care at one of Alabama’s three abortion clinics. The state’s lawmakers recently passed a bill that effectively bans abortion in Alabama. All proceeds from the compilation will go toward the Yellowhammer Fund.

It features a demo of a new Long Neck song, “Halloween Parade” — a new album from the Band To Watch is expected later this year — as well as new songs from Battle Ave, Cave People, Soft Fangs, Dogbreth, NOTCHES, and a ton of other up-and-coming and underground artists. It’s 56 (!) tracks in all, and you can name your price for it here or take a sample of the pickings"- James Rettig, Stereogum

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Album Premiere: “Boy Tears Comp.Number Five”


"All tears will be shed with this stacked compilation presented by Steph Knipe of Adult Mom. The latest rendition of the “Boy Tears Comps” bring together a variety of artists with the intent of raising money for Trans Lifeline, a nonprofit focused on providing resources to members of the trans community via hotline...This comp’s lineup could reveal the next great voice of indie rock."- Amanda Starling, The Alternative

Soundcheck: The 20 Best Music Releases Of The Week


"Now that Knipe has a "bit more pull in the music world," it only made sense to bring back the compilations, not for their peers on the albums but for the next generation. "I realized I have my own community of songwriters around me that has been slowly growing since I started [the series]," they said, and they credit Boy Tears with helping to facilitate that. It's been five years since the fourth compilation, and as Adult Mom presents the fifth—without a personal contribution—a new crop of young artists are demanding to be heard."-  Allison Stubblebine, Nylon https://nylon.com/adult-mom-boy-tears

album of the week: number five - boy tears comps.


"Beginning with sweatin’ to the Ladies, a release which featured Mitski and Frankie Cosmos, the compilation series has again returned, unveiling number five. This newest addition to the series is donating all of its proceeds to Trans Lifeline, and features contributions from some of our fave artists. There’s plenty of new music here to discover including...another delightfully enjoyable and unexpectedly funky track from Krissanthemum."- Lauren Rearick, The Grey Estates

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Palehound, Sidney Gish, Worriers, & More Cover Magnetic Fields On You Can Sing Me Anything: A Tribute To 69 Love Songs


"69 Love Songs is ambitious all by itself. A few dozen songs from anyone would be a significant feat no matter what, but part of why Stephin Merritt has become a touchstone for many artists and endured for so long is because he writes at a humungous volume but makes it look easy. And best of all, pretty much every song is great...It turns 20 next year and to celebrate it, a few dozen artists got together to each cover a song from the album. It’s a treasure trove of good artists and good takes on the tracks, including familiar names like Illuminati Hotties, Palehound, Sidney Gish, Worriers, Fern Mayo, Human People, and Thelma, and a lot of less familiar ones as well.." -James Rettig, Stereogum



"As the first installment of a new project with our friends at Drunk With Love Records, Krissanthemum recently filmed two alfresco sessions in Inwood, Manhattan, NYC. Both of the songs are from their previous album, Kaleidoscope Drive, and sees Lassiter strip back their complex pop sound to just acoustic guitar and their wonderfully expressive vocals."- Liam Doyle, Various Small Flames

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Krissanthemum Debut Bizarre and Fun New Video for “Soggy Lo Mein”


Add text"The lyrics start off silly, talking about how she feels like spoiled Chinese takeout. They quickly take a turn, shifting into the “existential dread” lyrical territory. It’s the poetic equivalent of seeing something mundane but unsettling and being sent into a spiral of questioning all of your life’s choices and failures. The music video is a multimedia mashup of drawings, lipsyncing, and emojis, paralleling the strangeness and kitschy beauty of the song itself." -Samantha Gagnon, Phluff

video premiere: "Girls Should Never Be Afraid"- Krissanthemum


"You know those moments where your self-confidence feels a little lacking and you need a reminder that you're doing "great stuff?" This song is the answer. And with an inclusion of wacky instrumentals and Krissanthemum's fearless croon we should all feel empowered to take on the world."- The Grey Estates