Each Krissanthemum song is a new journey into the fast-paced mind of someone who cares so much about the art of making music and about allowing her message to reach those who choose to listen. Based out of NY and born in NJ, Krissanthemum is a musical project established in 2015 by the passionate mind of 24-year-old Krissy Lassiter. Krissanthemum’s funky tunes tell stories of love, loss and new beginnings. Inventing a whimsical fantasy that ties in elements of psychedelic/retro pop, Krissanthemum brings out her own form of musical independence that paints the world with a colorful spin. 

Strung throughout each note and lyric is a deep understanding and appreciation of music composition. She’s received a B.M. in Theory/Composition from Westminster Choir College in 2017 and graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2019 with a Master’s in Studio Composition. She is currently living and working on music every day in Manhattan, NYC.  

Her debut LP, “Kaleidoscope Drive” (2018) is an experimental-electronic/pop piece that had everyone feeling as if they were taking a ride through the kaleidoscope itself and into the abyss. Her follow up to her first LP is “A Fire Left Inside of Me”, which jumped into the world on 2/22/2019 and is an honest and heartfelt album filled with growth and excitement.

Her third release, an EP titled "Safe In My Garden" will be released in 2020.

by Gabrielle Tumminia

by Gabrielle Tumminia

"Safe In My Garden" tba/2020 EP art by Elena Fortune

"Safe In My Garden" tba/2020 EP art by Elena Fortune

"Let Me Tell You About This Thing That Happened" tba/2020 single  art by Elena Fortune

"Let Me Tell You About This Thing That Happened" tba/2020 single art by Elena Fortune

"A Fire Left Inside of Me"


For Krissanthemum, the feelings of confusion and heartbreak are masked by the ideas that the heart mends itself over time. “A Fire Left Inside of Me” is an honest telling of how one is able to go from being broken to being ready to love again. Krissanthemum’s unique way of storytelling shines throughout each enticing melody. As one does when going through a breakup, they begin to wonder why enough isn’t enough, as Krissanthemum states during the catchy chorus/hook of “Violet to Blue”. One is left feeling unready for what’s to come. Krissanthemum perfectly counteracts those feelings by allowing the album to progress through the stages of heartache. Following “Violet to Blue” is the ready-to-love anthem “Asuka”, which perfectly portrays how we as humans have the ability to grow those feelings again with the constant hope that there are arms willing to open up and offer their love. Hearts are strong and resilient, and it’s okay to go between feeling prepared for love, or putting a guard up, as Krissanthemum portrays throughout the lyrics of “I Want to Be Nothing”. “A Fire Left Inside of Me” tells the world that life is beautiful, and that we as humans are strong. “A Fire Left Inside of Me” debuts on 2/22/2019. 

artwork by stolenchapstick