Each Krissanthemum song is a new journey into the fast-paced mind of someone who cares so much about the art of making music and about allowing her message to reach those who choose to listen. Based out of NY and born in NJ, Krissanthemum is a musical project established in 2015 by the passionate mind of Krissy Lassiter. Krissanthemum’s funky tunes tell stories of love, loss and new beginnings. Inventing a whimsical fantasy that ties in elements of psychedelic/retro pop, Krissanthemum brings out her own form of musical independence that paints the world with a colorful spin. 

Strung throughout each note and lyric is a deep understanding and appreciation of music composition and production. She’s received a B.M. in Theory/Composition from Westminster Choir College in 2017 and graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2019 with a Master’s in Studio Composition. She is currently living and working on music every day in Manhattan, NYC.  

by Gabrielle Tumminia

by Elena Fortune